NMRV small worm gearmotors

//NMRV small worm gearmotors

NMRV small worm gearmotors


NMRV small worm gearmotors are popular for its flexibility, adaptability and efficiency.

NMRV Single Step Worm Gear Reducer

  • Good looking in appearance, compact in structure rust proofing on surface and small volume to save mounting space.
  • Good radiating characteristic leads safe and high efficiency for using.
  • The Strong capacity of loading and overload ensure stable transmission, make less vibration and noise.
  • Varies of connecting structure for power input and torque output meet different requirements; the design of box outline and the set of foot hole allows many kinds of mounting.
  • Besides big cases, no gap structure of box means a maintenance-free that is herimetically sealed. It prevents the lubricant from easily losing and going bad, and exchanging.


Double step worm gear reducer

  • It is combined by two single step reducers and has all the virtues of them. And you can get bigger ratio with it.
  • The models are in common use, you can choose them as combination units to combine according to the fact of your special needs.
  • Power: 0.06 – 7.5kW
  • Output torque: 2.7 – 1,760N.m
  • Transmission rate: 5 – 100Material
  • Worm: 20CrMn Ti with carburizing and quenching, surface harness is 56-62HRC
  • Worm Gear:Copper-10-3#
  • Wheel: 20CrMnTi steel (Carburizing)
  • Output shaft: #45 steel raw materal
  • Bearing: China top brand
  • Housing: aluminum with oven painting for NMRV030-090, cast iron for NMRV110 and 130
  • Oil seal: NAK brand
  • Color: silver and blue or as request
  • Lubricant:Synthetic & Mineral
  • Food Stuff
  • Ceramics
  • Packing, Dyeing
  • Woodworking
  • Glass