Large heavy duty gear units (gearboxes)

/Large heavy duty gear units (gearboxes)

ZLYJ single screw extruder gearbox


ZLYJ series single screw extruding gear reducer are high precision hardening tooth flank transmission part with thrust bearing housing. They are designed for plastic screw-rod extruder according to ZBJ19009-88. The gears and axes are made of high strength alloy steel. The gears are manufactured by way of carburizing hardening, precision grinding. Its precision is up to Grade 6(GB10095-88). Hardness of tooth flank is HRC54-62. Thrust bearing is in front of output hollow shaft to accommodate screw-rod back pressure forces. Bearings, oil seals and some other standard units are quality products and they can also be imported goods to meet customers’ requirements. This kind of speed reducer has the characteristic of small volume, high load capacity, stable transmission, low noise, high efficiency. They properties reach levels of foreign products of the same kind and it can take place of them.

1. The input rotation of prime mover shall be ≤1500rpm

2. The peripheral speed of gear drive shall be ≤20m/s

3. The working ambient temperature shall be within -40~45°C.Preheat the lubrication oil to above 0°C when the ambient temperature is below 0°C. Rotation is available both forwards and backwards. However, the high speed shaft of some types of reducers has a single way oil pump directing as defaulted to the output shaft which rotates clockwise.

4.Plastic extruding gear reducer Installation:Horizontal Mounted Vertical Mounted

5.Extruder gearbox Lubrication: Oil Dip and Splash Lubrication Forced Lubrication (Additional Oil Pump)

6.Plastic extruding gear reducer Cooling: Natural Cooling Auxiliary Cooling Devices

Plastic Extruders or Rubber Extruders

High speed gearbox


High rotation speed: Max rotation speed of this series product reaches 30000r/min; max circumferential speed is 160m/s;

High specification: max center distance is 1000mm and max power reaches 96000kW;

High precision: the gear precision reaches ISO4-6 grade and the gear balance precision reaches ISO0.4-1.6;

High standard: the gear precision standard is ISO1328-1:1995 and ISO1328-2; the gear intensity is according to AGMA420.04-1975 and AGMA421.06-1969; the gearbox material heat treatment inspection standard is in accordance with ISO6336-5:1996; the vibration inspection standard is according to API670-2000; the lubrication system requirement is in accordance APT614-1999.

High-tech: the product is designed by 3-D CAD; the finite element analysis is adopted; modification for the gear profile thermal deformation is used; the root shooting strengthening technics is adopted; sliding bearing capacity calculation soft ware and rotor system dynamics analysis software are used.

Series Heat Treatment Gear Structure Max Speed (rpm) Center Distance Max Power (kw)
NGGS 150-1000 carburizing herringbone 30000 150-1000 95000
NGSD 150-530 carburizing single helix 30000 150-530 33500
NGSL 430-630 carburizing herringbone 30000 430-630 30000
NGSX 150-560 carburizing single helix one stage 30000 150-560 29000
NGSS 192-545 carburizing single helix two stages 30000 192-545 1500

High speed gearbox is widely adopted in

  • turbine, gas turbine power generation
  • flow fan
  • compressor
  • high and low pressure pump
  • cracking and catalyzing energy callback
  • oxygen maker
  • balancing machine
  • increasing (reducing) high speed gearbox for military and civil.

Cylindrical speed gear reducer


Cylindrical speed gear reducer with hard tooth surface includes parallel shaft and vertical shaft. The products include 4 series of ZDY (single stage), ZLY (2-stage), ZSY (3-stage) and ZFY (4-stage). And used as driving device that has vertical arrangement of input or output shat, and it includes 3 series of DBY, DCY and DFY.


  • Preferential design is applied such as main parameter center distance and nominal drive ration, which guarantee good interconnection between key parts and components.
  • All gear weels are made of quality alloy steel and treated with carburetion and quenching, with tooth surface hardness up to 54-62 HRC.
  • Small size, light weight, high precision, large carrying capacity, high efficiency, long service life, high reliability, stable driving, and low noise.
  • Normally oil sump lubrication is used, with cooling naturally. If thermal power can not be achieved, circular oil lubrication or fan may be used, and cooled with cooling coil pipe.
  • Input rotate speed n1 <= 1500r/min
  • Gear wheel driving peripheral speed is <=20m/second
  • Ambient temperature is -40~50 °C. If it is < 0°C, Lubricant should be preheated to > 0°Cbefore startup. Running both forward and backward are available for this gearbox.
  • Metallurgy
  • Mine company
  • Chemical industry
  • Construction materials
  • Hoisting
  • Transportation
  • Textile
  • Paper making
  • Food industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Engineering machinery
  • Energy industry

H B series industrial gear units


H series industrial gear units is parallel shaft designed gearbox.

B series industrial gear units is right angle designed gearbox

The gear units are reliable drive component for the use in different industry sectors.

They have many features as follows:

  • A fine-progression series covers a nominal torque range between 2200 and 872000Nm.
    The basic gear unit can be optimally adapted to customer requirements by fitting different add-on pieces like motor bell housings, gear unit swing-bases or backstops.
  • Designing noise-absorbing housings by means of the computing program;
  • Achieving exceptionally large contact ratios.
  • The gear units not only have a high efficiency but also a favorable thermal conduction through enlarged housing surface areas;
  • Large fans incorporating a new type of air conduction fan cool are being used.
  • The gear units have been designed according to a new unit construction principle. Through this, the variety of parts could be reduced. The main parts are mostly on stock enabling our gear units to deliver at short term.
  • Model: 5~20
  • Ratio: 1.25~450
  • Input power: 4.3~5082kW
  • Output torque: 6100~3450000N.m
  • Mounting: foot, flange, shaft mounting
  • cement industry
  • mining industry
  • cooling tower
  • metal industry
  • food industry
  • paper industry
  • chemical industry
  • water treatment