K series helical bevel right angle gearmotors

//K series helical bevel right angle gearmotors

K series helical bevel right angle gearmotors


K series industrial helical-bevel right angle gearmotors geared motors are completely new design gearmotors geared motor.

Advantages are:

  • More sizes with a reduced variety of parts;
  • Increased power capacity, lower noise and higher efficiency by grinding and modifying gears.
  • The all-in-one box provides higher rigidity and higher vibration resistance.
  • More ratios satisfy the need of accurate output speed.
  • Gearmotors can be supplied for either horizontal or vertical installation in any angle.
  • Realize right-angle transmission.
  • High loading support, stable transmitting and low noise level.
  • Excellent sealing, wide range of industry application.
  • High efficiency and save power.
  • Save cost and low maintenance.
  • Transmission stage: 2 stage or 3 stage.
  • Mounting mode: foot mounted, flange mounted, short flange mounted, torque arm mounted.
  • Output shaft: solid shaft, hollow shaft (with key, with shrink disc and with involute spline).
  • Size:37~187
  • Power(kW):0.18~200
  • Output speed(r/min):0.08~241
  • Output toruqe(N.m):10~66274
  • Housing Material: HT250high-strength cast iron
  • Housing hardness:HBS190-240
  • Gear Material:20CrMnTi alloy steel
  • Surface hardness of gears:HRC58°-62°
  • Gear core hardness:HRC33-40
  • Input /Output shaft material:42CrMo alloy steel
  • Machining precision of gears: accurate grinding 6-5 grade
  • Heat treatment: tempering, cementiting,quenching,ect.
  • Efficiency:94%-96%(depends on the transmission stage)
  • Noise(MAX):60-68dB
  • Harbor and shipping
  •  Hoist and transport
  •  Electric power
  •  Coal mining
  • Cement and construction
  • Paper and light industry
  • Chemical industry and environmental protection