Cylindrical speed gearbox reducer

//Cylindrical speed gearbox reducer

Cylindrical speed gear reducer


Cylindrical speed gear reducer with hard tooth surface includes parallel shaft and vertical shaft. The products include 4 series of ZDY (single stage), ZLY (2-stage), ZSY (3-stage) and ZFY (4-stage). And used as driving device that has vertical arrangement of input or output shat, and it includes 3 series of DBY, DCY and DFY.


  • Preferential design is applied such as main parameter center distance and nominal drive ration, which guarantee good interconnection between key parts and components.
  • All gear weels are made of quality alloy steel and treated with carburetion and quenching, with tooth surface hardness up to 54-62 HRC.
  • Small size, light weight, high precision, large carrying capacity, high efficiency, long service life, high reliability, stable driving, and low noise.
  • Normally oil sump lubrication is used, with cooling naturally. If thermal power can not be achieved, circular oil lubrication or fan may be used, and cooled with cooling coil pipe.
  • Input rotate speed n1 <= 1500r/min
  • Gear wheel driving peripheral speed is <=20m/second
  • Ambient temperature is -40~50 °C. If it is < 0°C, Lubricant should be preheated to > 0°Cbefore startup. Running both forward and backward are available for this gearbox.
  • Metallurgy
  • Mine company
  • Chemical industry
  • Construction materials
  • Hoisting
  • Transportation
  • Textile
  • Paper making
  • Food industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Engineering machinery
  • Energy industry