Project Description

Y series(IP 44) is basic series, which features high efficiency, energy saving, high starting torque, small noise and vibration, long life, reliable operation and aesthetic appearance, etc.Power range and mounting dimension fully comply with IEC standard.

Y series motor is general-purpose motor, which can drive all kinds of mechanical equipments without special demand, such as machines for removing metal, pump, cooling fan, coverying machines, blender, agricultural machinery, food machinery, etc. Because of excellent starting performance series motor is applied to mechanical equipments with high starting torque, such as compressor etc.

Y2 series motors are the new generation based on Y series motor. It is the most integrated low-voltage three phase cage induction motors and it can meet the general-purpose needs at home and abroad.

Y2 series motor features aesthetic appearance, high efficiency, energy saving, small noise and vibration, reliable operation and long life etc. The insulation class is class F, the degree of protection is IP54, the performance of Y2 series is better than Y series.

  • Frame sizes: 63-355
  • Rated power: 0.12-200kw
  • Rated voltage: 220/380v,380/660v
  • Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
  • Protection class: IP44 ,IP54
  • Insulation class: B,F
  • Materials: Cast iron, aluminum (FRAME 63-160)
  • EFF: EFF3, EFF2, EFF1
  • Poles: 2, 4, 6, 8
  • Cooling method: IC411 (total-enclosed fan-cooled type)
  • Mounting types: B3,B6,B7,V5,V6,B35,V15,V36 etc
  • Operating mode: S1
  • Ambient temperature: -15C < θ < 40C
  • Relative humidity: Not higher than 90%
  • Special motors can be designed according to your requirement.
  • Inner packing: Frame 63-112: Foam boxes, Frame 132-355: Wooden boxes