High rotation speed: Max rotation speed of this series product reaches 30000r/min; max circumferential speed is 160m/s;

High specification: max center distance is 1000mm and max power reaches 96000kW;

High precision: the gear precision reaches ISO4-6 grade and the gear balance precision reaches ISO0.4-1.6;

High standard: the gear precision standard is ISO1328-1:1995 and ISO1328-2; the gear intensity is according to AGMA420.04-1975 and AGMA421.06-1969; the gearbox material heat treatment inspection standard is in accordance with ISO6336-5:1996; the vibration inspection standard is according to API670-2000; the lubrication system requirement is in accordance APT614-1999.

High-tech: the product is designed by 3-D CAD; the finite element analysis is adopted; modification for the gear profile thermal deformation is used; the root shooting strengthening technics is adopted; sliding bearing capacity calculation soft ware and rotor system dynamics analysis software are used.

Series Heat Treatment Gear Structure Max Speed (rpm) Center Distance Max Power (kw)
NGGS 150-1000 carburizing herringbone 30000 150-1000 95000
NGSD 150-530 carburizing single helix 30000 150-530 33500
NGSL 430-630 carburizing herringbone 30000 430-630 30000
NGSX 150-560 carburizing single helix one stage 30000 150-560 29000
NGSS 192-545 carburizing single helix two stages 30000 192-545 1500

High speed gearbox is widely adopted in

  • turbine, gas turbine power generation
  • flow fan
  • compressor
  • high and low pressure pump
  • cracking and catalyzing energy callback
  • oxygen maker
  • balancing machine
  • increasing (reducing) high speed gearbox for military and civil.